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Existing applicable codes and standards for connecting an exhaust duct to a Type I restaurant exhaust hood or restaurant hood system are set to ensure compliance with codes and standards for connections, cleaning access, materials, drains, welding, and other provisions.   Still, there are food service facilities and fire scenes that operate ... Read More
May 18, 2018Greg


How a commercial hood system is designed will dictate many of its functions.   When built with a fresh air fan, it draws on outside air and moves it in the kitchen to help cool off the area. When built with a fire suppression device, it filters out and removes grease and ... Read More
April 30, 2018Greg


According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 22% of the causes of fires that happen in commercial kitchens are a result of failure to clean cooking and heating equipment, including vents and ductwork.   Large amounts of grease will accumulate when the equipment is not cleaned properly, resulting in structure fires.   What ... Read More
April 30, 2018Greg


It is crucial for a restaurant business to design the kitchen using proper ventilation. One of the most complicated parts in the design of a food service establishment is the kitchen ventilation system and the right restaurant hood vent.   Thus, it would be right to acquire a restaurant hood vent ... Read More
February 28, 2018Greg
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